Saturday, April 10, 2010

Splash Island's kiddie rides & body slides

The Philippine tree of life goes coco-loco in Splash Island! These twin kiddie twisters are designed with safe but sensational curves. Children, it is your time to be knotty-knotty at Twin Coco Knots!

To the Ilocandias of the northern Philippines, "bannak" means "river". What they don't know is that we've changed the word to refer to a different kind of river, Bannakita, the kind that is made for kids who want to skedaddle down the path of excitement.

Around the world, the Philippines is known as the Pearl of the Oreint. Here at Splash Island, the Curl-of-the-Orient takes kids around the world in loops and hoops! This kiddie continuous river ride is a non-stop flight to fun.

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